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The Business of Medicine: Empowering Doctors to be Doctors

Welcome to First Choice Perspectives, a new blog that we have created to give us the opportunity to share our professional - and sometimes personal - opinions, insight and perspectives on the dynamics and new developments that are serving to radically transform how medical care providers practice medicine in today's healthcare environment.

In her groundbreaking book, Who Killed Health Care, author Regina Herzlinger wrote, "The U.S. health care system is in the midst of a ferocious war.... Four armies are battling to gain control: the health insurers, hospitals, government and doctors. Yet you and I, the people who use the healthcare system and who pay for all of it, are not even combatants. And the doctors, the group whose interests are most closely aligned with our welfare, are losing the war." While it must feel like a war for many independent physicians, it is our contention that healthcare should not be viewed as a conflict, but rather as a collaboration squarely centered on patient care that is supported by a proven business management platform. Sounds like a lofty ideal, huh?

At First Choice, it is our belief that physicians should and can be freed from the administrative burden associated with the 'business' of medicine so that they can indeed focus on the delivery of medicine. When doctors choose to collaborate with proven business executives, who in turn apply proven business management principles to operating an independent physician or group practice, the result is:

  • doctors are indeed empowered to be doctors;

  • superior patient care is achieved;

  • quality of life for physicians is greatly enhanced; and

  • the practice is much more efficient and profitable.

Through application of First Choice's business model, patient and physician interests are well aligned, healthcare costs decline for government and private insurers, and improved patient outcomes are consistently realized.

We take great pride in the success that First Choice continues to enjoy and look forward to sharing our thoughts and perspective on how we are contributing to transforming the business of healthcare in ongoing posts to what we hope proves to be a very informative and helpful blog.

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