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First Choice Physician Partnering Benefits

First Choice is the Better Choice

for Doctors who want to be Doctors

Interested in learning more about career opportunities with First Choice?

When joining First Choice Healthcare Solutions, independent physicians and medical groups enjoy numerous benefits and advantages typically not afforded providers engaged in private practice or employed by hospitals, including:


  • Higher personal income potential;


  • Potential stock ownership in a high growth public company;


  • Enhanced market exposure through centralized advertising and marketing campaigns;


  • Freedom from day-to-day administrative burdens made possible by First Choice's world class operational support systems; and


  • Improved quality of life.


We  integrate both multidisciplinary specialites and diagnostic and ancillary services into our Medical Centers of Excellence to afford optimal convenience for our patients, while providing our team physicians with enhanced collaborative capabilies and timely delivery of patient test results. 


Our corporate team assumes responsibility for all billing and collections, patient scheduling, compliance, accounting, marketing, advertising, legal, information technology and record-keeping functions.  We utilize a state-of-the-art, cloud-based EMR management system, which provides ready access to patients' records from anywhere in the world where there is Internet connectivity, including X-RAY and MRI images, diagnoses, patient and doctor notes, visit reports, billing information, insurance coverage, patient identification and personalized care delivery requirements. 


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