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Kris Jones


Vice President of Medical Operations

As Vice President of Medical Operations at First Choice, Kris is responsible for daily oversight and management of the Company’s Medical Centers of Excellence, ensuring that they achieve maximum efficiencies while delivering optimal patient experience.  She is also charged with developing and implementing effective systems, processes and controls that are capable of being successfully scaled and replicated across our expanding clinical operations.


As a key member of the senior leadership team, Kris guides our care providers and directs our support teams to help ensure that positive results are achieved across all fundamental business metrics, including financial performance, care quality, patient safety and satisfaction, staffing and training and market penetration.  A masterful multi-tasker, Kris is also relied on to contribute her expertise to a wide range of high level corporate activities, including those relating to due diligence of prospective acquisitions, physician recruitment and credentialing, contract review and negotiations, market analysis and financial reporting, among other critical business affairs.    


Prior to joining First Choice in October 2011, Kris served as Director of a multi-physician, multi-specialty and multi-location medical practice which employed 60 on its staff; and where her efforts focused on expansion while creating and implementing policies and systems of operation that promoted greater cost and productivity efficiencies.  Kris also serves as an international patient liaison for U.S. oncology patients seeking treatment from Klinik St. Georg, a German-based hospital which has earned global acclaim for its successful integrative approach to treating cancer and lyme disease.


Kris is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

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